Strain Information

General Information On Different Shiitake Strains Cold Weather Strains:

These strains fruit best in the early spring and late fall when the nighttime lows approach 50 degrees. In the south, this translates to shiitakes in the winter!!! The spawn run takes approximately 9 to 12 months at 75 degrees, and fruits in a temp. range of 45 – 70 degrees!

Warm Weather Strains:

This strain is the most difficult to categorize as some behave more like a cold weather strain, while others behave like a wide range. In general, all warm weather stains have a longer spawn run period, produce nicer mushrooms (on older logs) in the summer than the wide range strains, and are well suited to indoor production. These should fruit in the spring and fall, with an occasional fruit in the hot summer months. The spawn run takes approximately 6 to 12 months at 75 degrees, and fruits in a temperature of 50 to 85 degrees.


Wide Range Strains:

This strain is a favorite of commercial growers and beginners. Their reliable, fast spawn run and fruiting allow a relatively faster return on investment. Logs inoculated in the spring and placed outdoors naturally produce a commercial crop that same autumn in southern climates. This strain can be force fruited easily and recover vigor more rapidly after fruiting. Spawn run takes approximately 6 months at 75 degrees, and fruits in a temperature range of 55 – 75 degrees.


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